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Your San Bernardino County Fire Department is requesting your help in keeping our fire hydrants visible and accessible year round through our new Adopt-a-Hydrant program.

With your participation, your community will be safer by giving our firefighters immediate access to a fire hydrant. Fire hydrants are a critical component to extinguishing a fire and every second counts during an emergency. When we receive snowfall, our fire hydrants can be difficult to locate and access. In the event we need a fire hydrant, it can take several minutes, if not longer, to dig out a snow berm and snow surrounding or covering the hydrant. This takes away critical time our firefighters need to work on mitigating the emergency.

We ask for your voluntary support to sign up for a hydrant or two near your home or business and keep it free from snow. Please shovel out the hydrant with a 3’ clearance and a path from the street to the hydrant.

Use the application link that will take you to a sign up form indicating which hydrant(s) you adopt.

We would like to extend our appreciation of you taking this extra effort in making our community a safer one. And…if you choose not to formally sign up and still keep your hydrants clear we appreciate that just as much. By signing up we hope to extend our gratitude to you.

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