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Hazardous Materials Division - Household Hazardous Waste

hazardous waste program sign

San Bernardino County Fire Department
Household Hazardous Waste Program
2824 East "W" Street, Bldg. 302
(San Bernardino International Airport)
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0799
Phone:  909. 382.5401
1.800.OILY CAT (645.9228)
Fax:  909.382.5413


San Bernardino County residents may use any of the collection facilities in the following areas:

Collection Facilities accept a wide variety of household generated hazardous wastes, but not business wastes, wastes from non-profit organizations, radioactive materials, explosives, medical wastes, or asbestos.  These services are FREE for San Bernardino County residents only.  For non - San Bernardino County Residents, click on, or call your local solid waste authority for information.  Proof of residency may be requested.

Phone Numbers for nearby Non-County and Fontana Residents:

Riverside County Residents 1.800.304.2226
Los Angeles County  Residents 1.888.CleanLA (253.2652)
Fontana Residents 909.350.6789

Collection Facilities Will Accept Household Generated:

  • Motor Oil, Oil Filters
  • Auto & Household Batteries
  • Paints, Paint Products, Paint Thinner & Wood Preservatives
  • Cleaners, Gasoline, Antifreeze, Weed Killers
  • Pesticides & Fertilizers, Pool & Hobby Supplies
  • Auto & Furniture Polish, Chemical Drain Cleaners
  • Electronic Waste Collection available throughout San Bernardino County. Call 1-800-Oily Cat for nearest location. View E-Waste flyer here.
  • Sharps/Needles in approved container
  • Outdated Medications, non-controlled substances, separate liquids & solids

Collection Facilities Will Not Accept:

  • Business Wastes,
  • Wastes from Non-Profit Organizations,
  • Radioactives,
  • Explosives,
  • Medical Waste, or
  • Asbestos.

Call 909.382.5401 or 1.800.OILY CAT (1.800.645.9228) for disposal options.

ABOP Facilities are limited to accepting antifreeze, batteries (automotive and household), oil and oil filters, and latex paint ONLY!

Before transporting household generated hazardous waste to a collection facility or ABOP Facility, be sure that . . .

  1. The amount of waste transported does not exceed 15 gallons or 125 pounds.  Container volume must not exceed 5 gallons.
  2. The containers are sound, not leaking and sealed.
  3. The waste is in its original container or is properly labeled as to its contents.
  4. Wastes are placed securely in the vehicle for safe transport.
  5. The contents of the container are the same as stated on the label.  If not the same, cover up the label and write the name of its contents.
  6. Place sharps/needles in approved container. It is illegal to transport in plastic milk jug, coffee can, plastic bag, bleach or soda bottle.
  7. Place the cardboard box in the trunk of your car or in the bed of your pickup truck.  Keep items away from passengers.
  8. Follow directions once you reach the collection site.
  9. At the site, staff will unload the chemicals from your vehicle.  You will be asked to stay inside your vehicle.

Collection Facilities - Call 909.382.5401 or 1.800.OILY CAT (645.9228) to verify operating hours prior to visiting a collection center.

Public Works Services Center
5050 Schaefer Avenue
Chino, CA
2nd & 4th Saturday 8 – 1
City Maintenance Yard
246 S. Willow Avenue
Rialto, CA
2nd & 4th Saturday 8 – 12
1430 South Cucamonga Avenue
Ontario, CA
Friday & Saturday 9 – 2
San Bernardino
S.B. International Airport
2824 East "W" Street, Bldg. 302
San Bernardino, CA
Monday—Friday 9 – 4
Ranch Cucamonga
Rancho Cucamonga HHW Facility
8794 Lion Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Saturday 8 - 12

Upland City Yard
1370 N. Benson
Upland, CA
Saturday 9 – 2
Redlands City Yard
500 Kansas Street at Park
Redlands, CA
Saturday 9:30 – 12:30

City of Big Bear Lake Remodel Facility Flyer.
Public Service Yard
42040 Garstin Drive
Big Bear Lake, CA
Saturday 9 – 2

Apple Valley
13450 Nomwaket Road
Apple Valley, CA
Saturday 10 – 2
Joshua Tree
West of Solid Management Bldg.
62499 29 Palms Highway
Joshua Tree, CA
3rd Saturday 9 – 1
City Of Barstow Corporation Yard
900 South Avenue 'H'
Barstow, CA
Saturday 9 – 2 
County Fire Station 127
83732 Trona Road
2nd Saturday of the month, 8 - 12
Hesperia Fire Station
17443 Lemon Street
Hesperia, CA
Tuesday & Thursday 9 – 1
Saturday 9 – 3
Victorville Fire Department
San Bernardino County Fairgrounds
East of Desert Knoll Drive on Loves Lane
Victorville, CA
Wednesday & Sunday 9 – 4

ABOP:  Antifreeze, Batteries (automotive and household), Oil and Oil Filters, and Paint (latex only)  Facilities

ABOP facilities accept the following household items only:

  • Antifreeze
  • Batteries (automotive and household)

  • Oil & Oil Filters
  • Paint (latex only)


Big River
County Fire Station 17
150260 Capistrano Way
1st Saturday of the month, 8 - 12
County Fire Station 4
27089 Helendale Road
2nd Saturday of the month, 8 - 12
Havasu Lake
County Fire Station
148808 Havasu Lake Rd
1st Saturday of the month, 8 - 12
Lucerne Valley
Behind Fire Station
33269 Old Woman Springs Rd.
3rd Saturday of the month, 9 - 12