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Policies and Procedures

Please call to obtain any forms that are not currently available online or if you have any difficulty downloading these forms.

Most forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader, unless otherwise noted.

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Note that saving changes to Adobe pdf files requires full Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Approval.

Policy and Procedure

CUPA Forms

Emergency Response Contingency Plan

All CUPAs and regulated facilities are required to file CUPA forms electronically beginning Jan 1, 2013. For more information, refer to our Electronic Reporting (CERS) page.

CERS Submittal Elements

Facility Information - Information entered directly into CERS

Can use San Bernardino template, template provided in CERS, or other form meeting requirements

Emergency Response/Contingency Plan

Employee Training Plan – upload as separate document unless included with Emergency Response/Contingency Plan

Required only if CUPA created initial record in CERS for your facility. Call CERS help line at 909.386.8432 for more information.

CERS does not currently support any data entry or document uploads for CalARP.

The following information/forms must be uploaded into CERS by the UST owner/operator and updated within 30 days of a change in information. The State Water Resource Control Board forms are available in current versions and may have additional electronic format options.

  • UST Facility Operating Permit Application – enter information directly into CERS
  • UST Tank Information/Monitoring Plan (one for each tank) – enter information directly into CERS
  • UST Monitoring Site Plan - upload site-specific map as a pdf into CERS
  • UST Certificate of Financial Responsibility -  upload current and signed document into CERS
  • UST Response Plan – upload document as a pdf into CERS
  • UST Owner/Operator Written Agreement (select “Exempt” in CERS if tank owner is the tank operator) – otherwise upload signed document as a pdf into CERS
  • UST Designated Operator Statement - upload signed document into CERS
  • UST Certificate of Installation/Modification – enter information directly into CERS

For more information about APSA and SPCC Plans, refer to our APSA/SPCC page.

For more information about Universal Waste, refer to our Universal Waste Program page.

Information about Tiered Permitting facilities should be entered directly into CERS.

The Hazardous Materials Division maintains lists of consultants who provide various services. Please call 909.386.8401 to obtain an appropriate list.

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