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About Community Safety

The Office of the Fire Marshal’s Community Safety Division is committed to creating a safe community through education, engineering, and fire code enforcement.

Our focus is on fire prevention and protection for our citizens and business community. Each section provides services and strategies from fire protection equipment plan review, to field inspections, to maintaining business continuity.

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For more information on any of our services below, call our office at 909.386.8400.

Plan Review – Plans are required for all new buildings and for changes to existing buildings. The Fire Department reviews these plans to help insure that the Fire Code is being followed, and to prevent unnecessary hazards.

New Construction Inspections – As buildings are being constructed or modified, Fire Department personnel inspect the construction to help make sure the work is done according to the plans that were approved.

Fire Inspections – Buildings are inspected on a regular basis by Fire Department personnel to help make sure the buildings are safe. The types of buildings inspected are businesses, factories, restaurants, churches, schools, senior citizen housing, and other buildings that could pose significant risks to its occupants or the public.

Fire/Arson Investigation – Whenever a fire breaks out, a Fire Investigator is called to the scene to determine the cause of the fire. These personnel are specially trained to trace back a fire to its origin and determine its cause. They are also trained to gather evidence for prosecution in the event the fire was caused by arson.

Public Education – The Fire Department prides itself on an outstanding public education program, especially aimed at the local schools.

Juvenile Fire Starter Program – Most everyone enjoys a campfire, but some children find setting fires too tempting. When problems in this area are identified by law enforcement, school officials, parents, etc., the Fire Department has a program that helps educate children as to the hazards of fire, the consequences of inappropriate actions, and ways to keep themselves out of trouble in the future.

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