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Special Event Permits


The mission of the Special Events Section is to provide trained, professional personnel, to be in attendance at all Special Events conducted within the jurisdiction of the San Bernardino County Fire Department, in order to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for both the citizens of, and visitors to, our County.


The Special Events Section is run by Fire Prevention Specialist Curtis Markloff. He is in charge of meeting with the applicants and/or event promoters to condition the events to be as safe as possible. He also assigns Fire Prevention Officers or Fire Prevention Specialists to complete standby at an event. All personnel come under the direct command of the Division’s Deputy Fire Marshal.

California Speedway

Special Events

A Special Event requiring Fire Department personnel to be in attendance is generally defined as:

  • An outside public gathering, for purposes of entertainment that in all likelihood will result in large numbers of people being present.
  • Any event involving actions or materials that must be monitored to provide for the highest level of safety for all individuals at the site; whether work force, performers, or the observing public.
  • Any commercial filming or photography that uses pyrotechnics, aerial operations or involves stunts.

All Special Events are worked in conjunction with local law enforcement, California Highway Patrol, the Inland Empire Film Commission, and/or any other required entity, such as County Land Use Services (Code Enforcement, Building and Safety), County Transportation, and County Public Health.

Special Events that occur regularly within County Fires jurisdictions are as follows:

  • Motor Racing events at California Speedway (9300 Cherry avenue –Fontana)
  • Concerts at Glen Helen Amphitheater (2575 Glen Helen Parkway, Devore)
  • On location filming for movies, television, music videos and commercials
  • Aerial fireworks displays
  • Carnivals and Fairs

Special Event Permit

This document outlines the requirements of the Special Event permit application process as well as special instructions that must be met for all Special Event shows and exhibits. These event requirements include, but are not limited to: home shows, auto shows, rock and mineral displays, musical shows (i.e. rock music concerts, raves, etc.), circuses, racing events, carnivals, street fairs, fire work displays, commercial filming or photography (exception: news media), rodeos, wrestling, religious gatherings, and any other special event of public assemblage that may have an attendance of 500 people or more at one time. Events with standard seating plans or floor plan arrangements that have been pre-approved or have a written agreement/contract with the San Bernardino County Fire Department with one or more of the following will require a Special Event Permit.

  • Use of candles or small open flames (applies to single event only)
  • Use of pyrotechnics
  • Tent or air-supported temporary membrane structure over 200 square feet
  • Temporary canopy over 400 square feet
  • Liquid or gas-fueled vehicles or equipment in assembly buildings
  • Special Amusement (includes Haunted Houses)
  • Commercial filming or photography
  • Any event that is not the primary use of the facility

Throughout the remainder of the document the occurrence being permitted will be called "The Event".

Special Event Application:

Applications must be submitted to SBCFD at least 30 days prior to the event for review and approval. Exception: all commercial filming and photography must be submitted to the Inland Empire Film Commission by calling 909-888-9011.

The application packet submitted to SBCFD must include payment plus the following:

  • Application Form/Cover Sheet
  • Event Site Plan
  • Event Description (provide description and plans where necessary)
  • Certificate of Insurance and landowners permission in writing

To submit a special event application please visit  For questions about special events please call 909.386.8400.

Application Form/Cover Sheet (must include the following)

  • Name of The Event
  • Date(s) of The Event
  • Set up and move-out dates
  • Estimated number of workers at any one time
  • Estimated number of persons to be in attendance at any one time
  • Event Coordinator contact information - name, address, phone number(s)

Note: This should include contacts for individual(s) that can provide detailed information about set-up and operation of The Event.

Event Site Plan (must include the following)

  • Detailed physical layout of the event to include exhibit/booth floor plans
  • Layout of all equipment, i.e. power sources, LPG storage, generators, fencing, etc.
  • Food & vendor booths and consumption areas
  • Tent & canopy locations, with dimensions
  • Size and location of stage(s) or other performing area including circus ring, etc.
  • First-aid location
  • Vendor & public parking areas
  • Fire fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, hose stations, fire alarm pull stations, etc.)
  • Evacuation points, exits and exit access points
  • Street closures (including number of lanes to be closed) the direction of travel of any parade, race, run or walk; and all other proposed event activities

Event Description

Submit a detailed event description describing all aspects of the event including: logistics, schedule of events, changes from previous year events, contact information for the facility, chairperson and 24/7 emergency contact.

Fire Department Approval of Plans

Plans must be approved by the Fire Department prior to any event set-up unless the set-up is a standard arrangement pre-approved by the SBCFD Fire Prevention Bureau. Approvals are subject to final inspection by an authorized SBCFD Fire Prevention representative. A copy of approved plans will be kept on file with SBCFD Fire Prevention and with the event manager. No modification of the set-up shall occur once the approved plan has been established without prior written approval on the plans from SBCFD Fire Prevention. Inspections will be conducted according to the approved plans.

Inspection of The Event

In order to maintain compliance with the provisions related to the Fire and Life Safety requirements, periodic inspections shall be conducted by members of the San Bernardino County Fire Department (SBCFD). These inspections may include:

  • A walk-through inspection with the property manager or the authorized representative, the event coordinator and members of the fire prevention bureau during the move-in/set-up period.
  • Any violations noted shall be corrected immediately or within the time frame agreed upon.
  • Daily visits by members of the fire prevention bureau (once The Event has opened), as well as on-duty members of fire department stations, as necessary. Cooking and motor vehicle display and use will be spot checked by the SBCFD prevention personnel and requirements will be strictly enforced.
  • During the closing (move-out) and removal of materials used in The Event, members from the fire prevention bureau may inspect for maintenance of firefighting accessibility, i.e. exiting and fire lanes.

Special Inspections

Special inspections will be required for the following:

  • All motorized vehicle displays, i.e. auto shows or sales; motorized vehicle events, monster trucks, mud bogs, motorcycles, etc. (See "Display of Motorized Vehicles" below)
  • All indoor cooking. (See "Cooking and Warming Devices" below)
  • Pyrotechnic displays. A separate SBCFD pyrotechnic permit is required. This must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the planned event.
  • Air-supported temporary membrane structures having an area in excess of 400 square feet (See "Structures and Exhibit Booths" below)
  • Any tent over 200 sq. ft., and/or canopy over 400 sq. ft.
  • LPG use. Mechanical inspection permits may be required.

Standby Personnel

Whenever, in the opinion of the SBCFD code official, the safety of the public is imperiled, due to the number of the persons present or the nature of the activity, the owner, agent or lessee shall employ one or more Fire Department Personnel to perform the duties of Standby at the current SBCFD rates.

Stopping Event

Upon finding any overcrowded condition or obstruction in aisle, passageways, or other means of egress (exiting), or upon finding any condition which constitutes a serious menace to life, or the terms of any established contract are violated the Fire Department SHALL cause the performance, presentation, spectacle, or entertainment to be stopped until such condition or obstruction is corrected. Failure to comply may result in citation, criminal prosecution, and/or revocation of permit.

Contact Information

Individuals seeking information related to any Special Event within the San Bernardino County Fire Departments jurisdiction that is not found or available on the Department website may call the Office of the Fire Marshal at 909.386.8400 or email

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